“Pursuing our objective to deliver quality education, PPS has launched an annual award to be denoted as “Pak Pearl Education Award (PAKPEA)”.

For each category the Award shall include:

  • Cash reward
  • Souvenir
  • Recognition Certificate
  • Cash honorarium for a period of twelve months
  • Awards shall be highlighted in the national press to promote competitiveness among academia

Annual nominations from countrywide affiliate institutes will be collected, which shall be scrutinized by regional and central assessment committees respectively.

Awarded For Ten Categories

  1. Best Teacher Playgroup/Nursery
  2. Best Teacher Junior Section
  3. Best Teacher Senior Section (M)
  4. Best Teacher Senior Section (F)
  5. Best Lecturer College (M)
  6. Best Lecturer College (F)
  7. Best Principal (M)
  8. Best Principal (F)
  9. Best School
  10. Best College